4 thoughts on “Mental illness

  1. Third option other than MI vs. criminal, is that this guy was being toyed with. An aware public would not be satisfied to leave JL in the hands of either the USG or the MH professionals, but the way this trial is headed, it will be the same old story, with the defendent locked away and made inaccessible to the public hereafter. So, we’ll never know.

    He demonstrates all the signs of being an intelligent, but ostracized youth, with the convenient to storyline background of a broken home. The hallmarks of his case, the dream journaling, serial ideation, the content and quality of online posts, and the mysterious “finding” of scrawled words that would suggest premeditation, are usually construed by the media and public one way (out of habit), but are just as easily explained by not-as-widely known effects of certain kinds of experimentation.

    I’m not saying that IS the explanation, but it is a possible one. I mention it because a) the implications are significant and b) it will probably never be investigated from such an angle. Just a nagging thought. One that I should have the right to express.

  2. Imprisoning people in mental facilities and forcing medication on them was one of the horrible things we were so shocked and horrified us about the Soviet Union and the Gulag Archipelago. Now, having defeated our evil enemy, we have become that enemy. Violent, relentlessly ideologically imperialist, a security police state run by a corrupt oligarchy, something to think about on the 4th of July.

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