Adventures in chemistry

I simply could not get to sleep last night. Finally, around 3:30, I decided to do something.

I had a three-year-old bottle of generic Ambien (the lowest dose) sitting around that I’d never used, so I took one out, cut it in half, and took it. I did eventually get to sleep but I just woke up and feel like I was roofied. “Refreshing sleep,” my ass.

6 thoughts on “Adventures in chemistry

  1. My method is threefold

    1) go to the bathroom
    2) take two Tylenol to get rid of aches and pains
    3) make sure the room is cool down to near 70 degrees

    If all that is not working read a few pages of a Victorian novel.

  2. The room temperature is quite important by the way because your body temperature has to go down to get to sleep. I learned this working the graveyard shift at the child shelter. The kids just would not get to sleep until the thermostat got down to 70 degrees.

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