Yay for me

It’s been difficult to stay away from excess carbs (especially in Minnesota, where almost everything was either on a giant roll or deep-fried with breadcrumbs). And of course, airports, bridal showers, cookouts, etc.

But thanks to my dear friend Mary Beth, who reminds me this is a marathon and not a sprint, I don’t get bent out of shape when I’ve had a bad week. I simply get back on the low-carb wagon.

And as a result, I’ve now lost 25 pounds. I’ll let you know when I reach the next 25!

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  1. Good for you, Suze! Can you give me an idea of exactly how I can do the same thing? Twenty-five pounds is a really big deal…………….Thanks.

  2. Good for you! How long did it take you?
    I myself really need to lose some weight. Ugh.

  3. It all started about three months ago when I read that science (not diet) book, “Why We Get Fat.” So I just cut carbs whenever possible. No bread, no sugar, no cereal, no pasta or potatoes.

    I started out with the Atkins diet but it’s a little too stringent. Now that I’ve been doing it for a while, I do have the occasional carb meal — and when I do, mostly it’s complex carbs like whole grain bread or sweet potatoes, a few selected fruits. You really just have to listen to your own body and find something else you like to eat instead of carbs. I have steak/chicken/fish, salad and veggies for dinner, eggs and bacon for breakfast and chef’s salad for lunch.

    For the first six weeks, the Atkins phase 1 snack bars were a lifesaver. They sell them in CVS, etc. I really looked forward to that snack bar after dinner every night.

    No-carb, by the way, was the original Weight Watchers diet. Only the men were allowed to have some limited bread or pasta.

    P.S. You can have red wine but no beer.

  4. Congratulations from me as well. This is mainly a matter of reconditioning yourself to eat differently and that does take time. My doctor wanted me to lose at least 100 lbs which is half of my 238 lb body. I have not lost a lot, but I have just shopped for some needed pants and have gone down a size. Too bad that only Subway will list calories on their menus. More restaurants should do so.

  5. Okay, let me preach a little bit here: The main point of Taubes’ book is that when he analyzed all the research, there is no scientific validity to the calories in-calories out theology preached by the medical profession. None. Apparently no one ever bothered to look at the aggregate data.

    Of course, we’ve been told the opposite for decades.

    Doctors are frequently not up on current research. Look at how many doctors still advise restricting cholesterol consumption, which only responds to dietary changes in a few people.

    Taubes also found that low-carb eating is much better for blood pressure, heart disease and all-around health. In fact, he says that many thin, active people actually have fatty liver disease and it’s related to their carb consumption.

    If your current diet is leaving you hungry, and you have a significant amount to lose, you might want to try low-carb, just for a month or so. The food selection is great. (Mashed cauliflower is just as good as mashed potatoes.)

  6. I did the low carb diet(s) three times, iirc, over the past 25 years. Oh, forgot about doing the Atkins when it first came out — I lost so many electrolites I passed out while out dancing. So, I stopped that version.

    The next attempt worked extremely well, but my family got on my case for losing “too much” weight and I eased off. Stopped losing.

    But on all of them, I found eating just protein and non-offending vegetables incredibly boring after about 7 or 8 months. I cannot stand cream, feel uncomfortable eating fats. I lost a lot of weight the first time around, less so the second attempt, and very little the third time.

    I did lose weight when I was on replacement thyroid hormone after my thyroidectomy and after my ablation raioactive iodine treatment. About 4 months after the ablation, maybe from some remnant thyroid tissue –or who knows why?– suddenly everything synched. I was rested upon waking (before my alarm), I had wonderful, effortless energy, and, without changing anything in my diet, I lost weight week after week after week.

    When I’d lost 30 lbs, I plateaued a bit, but then lost again.

    Until my follow up radioactive iodine whole body scan — and just as suddenly as I’d “synched” (as my endo called it), I “unsynched.” I took the shots to become unsuppressed, I was massively fatigued, I retained pounds of fluid, and pounds just flowed back on!

    That’s when I asked my endo what I should do and he told me he was my “cancer doctor,” that I should see someone else for my “side” issues.

    I’ve been looking for “synch” ever since…. I think longingly of that “just there,” easy flowing energy. No looking at something which had fallen on the floor and wondering if I had enough energy to bend down to pick it up. Or whether I would start a project and just be too exhausted to finish it up.

    So far, nothing from the Vit D, but it’s early days.

  7. I don’t avoid carbs all the time. Once in a while, I order a pizza or have a slice of cake or bread. I’m not getting fanatical about it, just keeping it in the general area of low-carb.

    Fortunately for me, I love cream!

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