Class war

Yes, “reasonable” Democrats are telling me to calm down. Good thing I don’t listen to “reasonable” Democrats, huh?

“The fiscal good has to outweigh the pain,” a nameless Democrat told the Washington Post regarding President Obama’s latest proposal to massively cut Social Security, against the wishes of the vast majority of Americans, in order to fund a military 670% larger than the next largest in the world, keep in place tax cuts for billionaires, fail to tax corporations or estates or investments or carbon, and balance a budget that nobody gives a rat’s ass about balancing when Wall Street comes asking for handouts.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Mr. President, but fuck your fiscal good. Whose fiscal good is it? And whose pain? Last week the New York Times said you hoped by hacking away at Medicare to inflict some pain on your base. That way, supposedly, the Republicans would inflict some pain on their base. Then we’d all feel better. Assuming we’re all Wall Street banksters. But what if we’re actually, almost all of us, the people you criminals call your bases? You, Captain Peace Prize, propose slashing Medicare and Social Security. And, in exchange, according to the Washington Post, Eric Cantor has proposed more tax cuts for free loaders who don’t work for a living. What a deal!

Let’s face it: any bargain seems to look good to you, as long as it kills people. That makes you tough, I guess. You have a list of Americans to assassinate. You have six wars going, and more in the pipeline. You’ve made clear that Israel murdering unarmed aid workers trying to reach Gaza would be A-OK with you. And “pain” is just the price that other people will have to pay to do without healthcare, food, a roof, a coat, or — for that matter — hope. Of all your slogans, we seem to be left with Audacity alone, standing by itself among the ruins.

Who wasn’t touched on Wednesday during your Twitter Townhall when you described your hard times paying off your student loans. I got the impression you might have even had to glance at the prices on a menu once or twice before ordering. Am I overstating it? The point is, you suffered horribly, just not quite as horribly as the people you are now trying to reduce to eating catfood, performing their own medical procedures, and condemning their children to lives worse — not better — than their own.

I’m sure you’ll get a humanitarian award for this from some prison corporation or health insurance lobby group, but even people stuck in the camp of your idolaters up through Tuesday are just not impressed. Even people who’ve recently grown fed up with your constant caving in to the bad guys have suddenly figured out that you’re not caving in. You are the bad guys. You’re a heartless, murderous, plutocratic power-monger trying to please the Washington-Wall Street establishment despite being the goddamned president of the United States. That’s not secondary with you. That’s all there is to you. You’re not the inverse of Nixon going to China. You’re Nixon going to a Grover Norquist meeting. Except that Nixon wasn’t as evil as you are.

For the record? I don’t think Obama is evil. I think he’s amoral. There’s some overlap there, but they’re not the same.

11 thoughts on “Class war

  1. Wrong. Class war’s over. Everyone on our side lost big, some bigger than others.

  2. I don’t think Obama is evil, and whether he’s amoral or deeply moral in his approach to governing the end result is that he DOES evil things.

    Whether he thinks he’s doing the right things, is being led to do the things he does, or he’s playing 31-dimension chess, just taking orders, or “doing the best he can because it’s haaaarrrd being president,” he’s doing bad, bad, bad, bad –call them evil– things to the vast majority of people in this nation.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions, as the old saying goes. Obama is taking this nation to an economic, slow growth, income disparity hell. (I’m sure I haven’t covered all the ills he’s bringing upon us, but it’s a start. Ignore for the moment the bad things he’s doing to civil liberties, freedom of speech, promoting the concept of the Unitary Executive, etc., just look at what he’s doing to the everday things he’s doing to peoples’ lives.)

    Worst President Ever.

  3. And we are so fucked. Brendencalling’s hope aside, I sincerely doubt our spineless DC Dems will be able to fight against both the Repubs and their own president. I fear if Obama makes his secret deal (is it done already with Boehner’s secret visit to the WH over the weekend???) the DC Dems will have no will or enough numbers to fight him.

    It’s Nixon goes to China, only much more craven: It’s Obama groveling to Grover Norquist.

    The Wall Street Gang Banksters picked their guy with an eye to blunting any opposition to his policies, because Dems do not dare take down their own president, especially the first half black, half white president.

  4. BHO is a narcissistic con man plain and simple. A product of the Chicago School of neo-liberal economics who lied his way to the presidency – bamboozling Democrats and liberals all the way. He has a history of gaming the system and is therefore – evil.

  5. I don’t really believe in evil. I think the concept of “evil” is out way of disclaiming responsibility for the consequences of all our actions and displacing it onto some external spirit. On the other hand being “amoral” means to me that a person has no sense of feeling the consequences of his actions on other people and so sees no limit on seeking his own personal interest. This is what being “evil” means to me – a person who does not care what happens to other people or who cannot even SEE the other people as human beings with value.

  6. The motto of this kind of person is “the fiscal good has to out weigh the pain”. What is unspoken here is the fact that “the fiscal good” will accrue to one group and the “pain” will accrue to another group.

    The only limit on the amount of pain being imposed is the point where the victims will rise up and hurt the ones getting the fiscal gain. They aren’t worried about elections any more – they can buy whatever election result they want by manipulating the voters with advertising. They are not going to notice until the cities start to go up in flames. {Note to the FBI and others monitoring this website: I am not threatening or organizing anything. I am just predicting what I think other people may do.}

  7. Obama didn’t become a corporate stooge overnight. He perfected his “change you can believe in” persona af the same time he was selling what was left of his soul to the banksters and corporation owners. He is the anti-Roosevelt, exactly the wrong president for an era of hardship. But he’s also the product of 30-some years of mostly stupid and self-destructive choices made by poor and middle-class voters.

  8. I really don’t think we get to blame the voters that much on this one.

    But, let’s say it loud and clear. Fuck. We’re fucked.

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