You know, it really is a puzzle to me that people are so resistant to the fact that Obama is trying to deal away Social Security and Medicare. And make no mistake about it: Once a Democratic president makes a deal, that protective political wall around the crown jewels of Democratic policy goes away.

It’s not a big secret. I talk to lots of D.C. staffers — they know it, everyone knows it. It’s been discussed openly for the past two years. Everyone seems to understand this except the public and most of the press. No, I take it back. The press knows. They don’t talk about it because they approve.

3 thoughts on “Puzzle

  1. Barry is a genuine Trojan Horse.
    He has a good shot at joining Ronnie and Dubya in the pantheon of the most destructive presidents in US history.

  2. I’m slowly coming to a pretty strong belief that President Obama may have some physical problems with his brain. The possibility of tumor affecting his reasoning ability seems pretty high. I wouldn’t exclude mental illness.

    Nothing he does anymore makes any sense to me. It is almost like he has totally fallen apart in any ability to plan ahead or to even follow through on previous statements. He is so stuck in the “now,” that he seriously doesn’t sound like he has a clue as to what is going on.

    He does things that are politically self destructive without even a semi-rational reason.

  3. I think there are plenty of reasons. They just don’t jibe with his carefully constructed image, so they don’t seem likely to people.

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