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  1. i think it is you. first, it’s misleading to say that obama is “chiding labor.” in fact, he’s urging both sides to settle their case. in virtually every national-profile labor dispute the president has urged both sides to work out their differences.

  2. Not just you. While he may “urge both sides” you may readily recognize who he always expects to cede an argument (I’ll give you a hint, it ain’t the side representing monied interests.)

  3. Obama has “urged both sides to work out their differences.” What’s the point of that? I’m picturing a bully kicking the shit out of a little guy and a cop standing nearby saying, “That’s it, boys, keep working out those differences.” Boeing is building a plant in a “right to work” (anti-union) state, and Obama, as he does with all controversies, is twiddling his thumbs rather than taking a stand. Does he think big business should have the right to force down workers’ salaries and effectively break unions, or doesn’t he? Remember when he promised to put on comfortable shoes and walk with union members? I hate saying it, but the man is cowardly, ineffectual and utterly corrupt.

  4. All of a sudden I flashed on Lindbergh after going to tour the German factories and military before WW II.

  5. Snuzy – wake up!
    I read that lecture from Obomba as telling the workers to hurry and concede – Boeing can go where they want so you’re going to have to take a pay cut! Race to tbe bottom.

    I loathe this Prez more and more each day.

  6. Of course, in the dream world snuzy lives in, management and unions have equal power. When one side has a lot more power than the other, telling both sides to “settle their differences” is the same as siding with the stronger party. “The strong do what they can, the weak do what they must.”

    To be fair, Obama did get card check passed. Oh, wait…

  7. It’s not odd at all. He is on their side, and not on our side. The only way labor ever had a chance in these situations was when the government stood up to protect labor from the power of money. That’s over. Social Security is over too. Medicare almost never was.

  8. Obama has “urged both sides to work out their differences.” What’s the point of that?

    the point is that the boeing case is a case in federal court. 95% of all federal cases settle before they go to trial, including cases brought by the NLRB like the Boeing case. as it happens every 10(j) NLRB case (which is what I think Boeing is, but the news reports I have read don’t say) that I have been involved with settled prior to trial (although after entry of the injunction, which is where this case is in the process). pre-trial settlement is not just common, trials are rare. and in this case a settlement that saves the jobs of the Unionized Boeing workers is probably better than what they are likely to get with our very conservative pro-corporate judiciary. that’s simply reality.

    as for the world I live in, as usual lambert is completely wrong about something! in fact, I’m a labor lawyer who represents labor unions exclusively. Susie knows who I am (see her above comment). but it’s nice to see that lambert is just as ridiculous as I remember him being.

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