7 thoughts on “Just a guess

  1. It’s one thing to cut the penis off but you have to be really mad to turn the garbage disposal on. There’s no turning back after that switch is flicked.

  2. Dayuum! Why not just shoot him? At least what’s her name who cut her man’s thing off some years ago left it intact so maybe, just maybe, he could re-use it.

  3. Jeez, dandy, I can practically see your legs crossed in sympathetic pain but don’t they have prosthetics for that? I’m sure I have a clear pink, er, *sample* around here somewhere. Oh, that’s right, I bought it on a whim and then threw it away when I realized that if I died suddenly, my family would have to go through my belongings.
    I’m such a conventional wimp.
    ANNNNYYYYWWWAAAYS, I feel your pain. Sorta.

  4. @ Riverdaughter……. You are right about the garbage disposal, it takes a special kind of anger to do that. Maybe she should have put it in the freezer, called 911 and left a note on the refrigerator “Honey, your penis is in the freezer, in case you are looking.” That would have been the *nice* thing to do!

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