Oh come on

I don’t think this anti-gay Republican who was allegedly caught making the homosexual sex with his gay assistant is really gay, because after all, being a homo is a choice, right? I think his assistant just said, “How can you condemn it when you haven’t even tried it?” And being a fair-minded Godly man, he did.

So he’s not gay. Having sex with men doesn’t mean anything. God made your eyes to look at women’s breasts, everybody knows that!

One thought on “Oh come on

  1. I think while I was snoozing on the sofa yesterday afternoon/evening there was something on MSNBC that I was hearing regarding a study of men regarding their arousal to homoerotic material/porn in relation to their views on homosexuality. The men that objected to homosexual relationships the most were more aroused by the material. Hummm. A comment on Pam’s piece mentioned this study as well. Doesn’t surprise me.

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