One thought on “And here’s your lovely parting gift

  1. Medicare recipients and people who hope to receive Medicare: Your long medical nightmare is just beginning. With input from Holy Joe and Holy O, we are going to be massively screwed.

    People who have budgeted carefully will find their planning no longer fits the New Obama Reality. Lieberman is one of Obama’s stalking horses and enablers.

    When will those Obama Self-Selection Intake Centers for Soylent Green be up and running? I hope it’s before seniors can no longer afford, once again as in pre-LBJ days, to have medical care AND housing, food. Heat? We can pile on the blankets. Electricity? We can sleep during the dark hours, use up our candles for awhile. AC? Fuhgeddaboudit.

    It would be so much better to be able to make a contribution with one’s death, instead of dying with a whimper and no real health care.

    Seniors do need nutritious food…or the medical care does not help all that much. And…food without being well, without care for chronic conditions, doesn’t help all that much.

    Sounds like cardboard box time for the non-Uberwealthy seniors….

    More seniors, especially women, per the article, will be forced onto Medicaid — which Obama has already cut and is giving states waivers to not fund. So, WHAT Medicaid????

    Because I’m pretty sure this is just the beginning. Obama never wanted univeral health care. He nearly choked during one of the later primary debates, one just between him and Hillary, when he was asked if he believed health care was a right. He hemmed, he hawed, he danced, he avoided answering, but the moderator kept pushing him to answer. Finally, his jaw clenched, he nearly whisphered, “Yes.”

    It was so painfully clear he did not want to say that word, that he did NOT believe health care is a right.

    Now, he gets to implement his true beliefs.

    We are so screwed.

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