3 thoughts on “Hot

  1. yeah, i couldn’t believe how happy i was to hear the high today would be “around 90”. only 90!!! this from someone who starts complaining as soon as the temp gets to the upper 70s

  2. The North Atlantic Conveyor cools the Atlantic coasts in the summer and warms them in the winter. Not that it has collapsed, not so much.

    Welcome to Eaarth. It’s gonna’ get hotter before it gets cooler.

  3. Well, my “Lady Behemoth” A/C window unit is chugging along. though may be towards the last of her life. She was made when “Energy Star” was just a twinkle in our eyes, but, she still keeps us cool with the ceiling fans going in every room.

    I really don’t mind the heat, it’s the humidity. They say the UV index is 11? E-lev-en! On wonder what scale they are on? LOL!

    Neighbors are getting cranky, though. I can hear some cussing going on outside.

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