This is a good pick. Now let’s see if the Republicans will confirm him:

President Barack Obama will nominate former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to head a powerful new consumer protection agency, White House officials said.

At a White House event Monday, Obama will announce his choice of Cordray, 52, who is currently serving as director of enforcement for the new agency called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

By picking Cordray, Obama hopes to avoid a bruising Senate confirmation battle that would have occurred had he selected Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard law professor who came up with the idea and ultimately helped to set up the agency.

“Richard Cordray has spent his career advocating for middle class families, from his tenure as Ohio’s Attorney General, to his most recent role as heading up the enforcement division at the (bureau) and looking out for ordinary people in our financial system,” Obama said.

5 thoughts on “Good

  1. Yea, I’d buy it except that Obama thinks it’s good choice for middle class families. We know he doesn’t give a shit about middle class families, so there must be some other reason for the choice. Winning Ohio next year?

  2. Apparently it’s too much to ask for someone who’s spent their career advocating for all Americans.

  3. Once again a woman has a great idea, does all the hard work, and a man gets promoted over her. I have seem it way too many times in the business world. This is the WORST president ever for women. Listen up ladies- George Bush whom I despised as president has done more for women’s health n well being then a Democratic president n that makes me sick to my stomach. Makes me glad I don’t have any daughters.

  4. Oh come on, Susan Davidson. If anyone has dissaproved of Obama, it’s been me. But now that the guy makes a move that the republiclowns will confirm, some of us get on his case anywho for finally doing something right. Hell, Warren handpicked Cordray for gig!

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