2 thoughts on “Lack of demand

  1. Major lack of cash in everyone’s hands, more like. Broke and busted people don’t buy useless crap. All hail the New Economy! The invisible hand pimp slaps all boats. Or, as Tom Fried Man would call it, “fat, greedy, and stupid.”

  2. I’m assuming the WSJ is actually reporting what the poll shows, as part of its business reporting. In that part of the paper, BS is bad for the WSJ’s bottom line.

    However, once it’s determined it’s too late for Obama to implement any stimulus or jobs programs which will affect people positively and thus affect the election, the WSJ will join the Repubs in attacking Obama from the left.

    The Repubs will not do anything to create jobs programs, but they are well versed in talking out of both side of their mouths. AND the MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) seldom call Repubs on that kind of thing.

    I doubt Obama can bring himself to even talk about real jobs programs — he’s now too invested in outdoing St. Ronnie.

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