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  1. Shooter at island camp is 33 year-old white Norwegian. He was also seen at the site of the explosions. No other info at time of NewsHour report. There are, apparently, explosives planted at the camp. 10 dead. May be more.

    But…they caught the perp alive, so they may learn a lot more.

  2. The most recent report I saw said that the island camp was being run by the labor party, in keeping with Susie’s point. From the FT:

    “Multiple shootings were later reported at the Labour party youth summer camp on an island near Utøya, 40km north-west of Oslo.

    Mr Gahr Støre said he feared the death toll at the summer camp “may be a lot higher” than the initial 9-10 confirmed by police. He cited reports of unexploded devices found buried on the summer camp island. Eyewitness Andre Scheie told NRK: “There are very many dead by the shore … There are about 20 to 25 dead.”

    Senior Labour party officials were due to visit the camp, although it was not clear if any were there at the time. An organiser at the camp reported hearing “many, many” gunshots.

    Speaking by phone from near the scene, he said more than 600 youths aged 14-25 were attending the camp. Some were trying to swim 500m to the mainland to escape the gunfire and others were in hiding, he said.”

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  3. Wouldn’t surprise me. When I heard that they attacked government buildings and a Labour party youth camp, my immediate thought was Tim McVeigh, not al Qaeda.
    That and that one of the campers said the “policeman” who opened fire was a tall, blond norwegian type.
    If you’ve read any stieg larsson books, you’ll know that Sweden at least, has had some pretty scary nationalist/fascist types in its past. Maybe the Norwegians have similar malcontents.

  4. today’s events were closer to Oklahoma City than the World Trade Center bombings

    my first thought when i read that was: what crazy route over the north pole are those norwegian authorities taking?

    yes, i’m an idiot. i don’t know why i took that so literally.

  5. Saturday morning death toll: 91 and will possibly go higher.

    One guy did all this?? Or an actual conspiracy?

    The one in custody bought 6 tons of fertilizer not long ago.

  6. Jawbone — probably used an automatic weapon with extended magazine. Machine gun, not a revolver.

  7. Camper who escaped said that some tried to play dead and didn’t move, but the shooter methodically went to fallen bodies and delivered a coup de grace to the head with a shotgun.

    All reports are still open to being corrected, of course.

    When the faux policeman had gathered campers in group “to inform them about the explosions in the city,” he opened up on them with an automatic weapon, sounded like some kind of hand gun but I am not a gun expert.

    That was slow sheer terror for those on the island.

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