Can somebody tell me?

Will I be able to go to school this fall? Pell grants and federal loans?

Will my health insurance be cut? BadgerCare Plus Core?

The funds from the county for my counseling has been cut in half already.

What about my daughter? She’s on SSI. What will happen to her payments? And her health insurance and the services she’s getting?

We live in the county seat, where all the services are provided, so there’s a lot of people with problems here. What’s going to happen to them? And what happens to the support people?

Do you know about this?
Send them something for me, please.

5 thoughts on “Can somebody tell me?

  1. Yes, I remember when the Republicans hastened on the extension of the Bush tax cuts because “the market” and “job-creator” “business leaders” couldn’t stand the “uncertainty” of whether they could count on the extra filthy lucre they got from the Bush tax cuts.

    I don’t twitter, but maybe a good one for the #FU DC could be, “Is there going to be means testing for tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy?”

  2. Re: In contrast to Former Liberal’s comment:

    When I read this post, I thought, Hmm, daughter on SSI and receiving unnamed services. Must have significant disability, what else could these things possibly mean? And must it must be significant, no one gets SSI for dyslexia or ADD.

    Mom going to school and getting counseling. Must be working hard to change her life/her family’s life for the better. Now facing new roadblocks. How crappy is that? We’ll all benefit when she finally succeeds, let’s all wish her luck.

  3. the answer to your questions is “we don’t know.” that’s because negotiations are taking place in secret and to the extent anyone is bothering to report what the negotiation positions are, most of what they tell us is just the number of trillion dollars that are going to be cut, not where those cuts will be. for some reason it’s not important to tell us what the cuts will do, only what a humungous amount of money we’re all saving.

    whoopy! saving money, who could possibly be against that? especially when they don’t let us know who won’t get to eat because of it.

  4. Why didn’t you respond to my comment Katabatic? Are you embarrassed that you spend too much time and energy sucking at the public teat?

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