Things I forgot to take on vacation

My toothbrush. The bag of books I saved all year to read on vacation.

Oh, and power steering fluid. I developed a sudden need for this while I was gone. It’s been so long since I had a car that broke down all the time that at first, I didn’t recognize the sound. All I knew was that it was late at night, I was driving home on a dark, rural road, and my car was making horrible loud moaning and thumping noises. (I really hate that.) Fortunately, it was no big deal — but it made for a tense ride.

3 thoughts on “Things I forgot to take on vacation

  1. You have my complete sympathy and full empathy.

    Old cars get scary — and they usually break down when it’s very inconvenient.

    I ended up killing mine. Long story, but tied in to anxiety about medical tests and having to not miss appointments by more than a few minutes….

  2. “A need for power steering fluid is far better than a need for, say, transmission fluid”, said a wise old coot long ago.

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