New rules

I’m going to make a concerted effort to change things around here, mostly because while I was driving home, I had an anxiety attack in the car — just from thinking about the debt-ceiling crap waiting for me here. I really, really didn’t want to come home — it was so nice to have an entire week without chest pains. And once I was home and catching up on the week’s stories, I could feel my blood pressure going back up.

So I’ll lay it on the line: My ultimate allegiance is to my own survival. I can’t go on like this, it’s quite literally killing me.

Here’s the thing: If you’ve been reading here for a while, you already know what’s going on. Most of what I post is repetition, or some variation on “I told you so.” But we already know how bad things are. I don’t think hitting you over the head with it helps anything.

And we all know about the feelings of despair. We all go through it. But what I’m beginning to realize is how much focusing on it only amplifies its effects.

So I’m going to tone it down to see how that goes, and I’m asking you to do so in the comments, too. Instead of focusing all our attention on what’s wrong, let’s try to come up with ways to support each other through these hard times. And jokes, lots of ’em! Because we really need to laugh more.

I’ll also warn you that I’m going to spend more time taking care of myself, so I won’t be blogging at the same frenetic pace. I’m not willing to let my anger over our political system kill me. Anything you can do to help will be gratefully appreciated.

18 thoughts on “New rules

  1. Good for you! In these trying times, one needs to take breaks for R&R or risk outrage overload.

  2. Besides, the real solution is going to be a long-term one: start getting involved in the local Democratic Committee, and sending prospective Blue Dogs to the pound. This fight was lost back when Reagan eliminated the Fairness Doctrine, and journalists trying to maintain a neutral stance were “balanced” by Rupert Murdock’s biased news shows.

  3. You’re first priority is taking care of yourself. We shouldn’t be looking for martyrdom here. Politics is long-term and change seems to take decades if not generations. We need to find joy in daily life. Be kind to yourself.

  4. Well, it seems you know a few folks that are capable of writing some posts for the blog.

    I imagine having this blog is all time consuming. But, you speak often of your other interests and how you want to return to them. That may be a good idea. That doesn’t make you less passionate on issues, but, being keyed up a good bit of the time is tough an the ol’ body.

    Despair! I haz it some days. 51 and going on 6 months of unemployment. Ugh!

    I have it better than most on my street, I am grateful. I try to help them towards the help they need. I give them dog food. I am spending more time will the family….

    Take care of yourself….. Boohunney

  5. You need to break the reply button.

    (It’s amazing what it means to have a community that can make anything into a standing joke, even the trolls.)

    (It is also amazing to have a real community that stands up for each other and supports each other, even when they are dealing with things that are very dark.)

  6. When long-continued political outrage sours my disposition and threatens my health, it’s time to reconnect with a world that’s not constructed of political abstractions.

    Gardening, a picnic in a park, a road trip: these help.
    GTF out of the city for a bit.
    Take a walk by a river. Sit by a river.
    Go fishing, if you like fishing.

  7. One of the things I meant to say is, if you’re having a really hard time and you need something, you can always come here and ask for help. We may not always be able to help, but I’m sure people would like the opportunity to try.

  8. BTW, how much reading to you do to find all the great stuff you post here? How many hours per day goes into that research and culling?

    And then there’s your original writing and thinking.

    Good stuff. Take care so you can continue.

    You do find the darnedest things…oh, wasn’t there some program about kids sayng the darnedest things?

  9. Good idea, Susie.
    Work on your writing project, and on your domestic invention.
    Has your ankle gotten better?

  10. Okay, here’s a laugh, made fresh this morning.

    Stress makes me absent-minded, so I do things like misplace my car keys. This morning I got more creative with it.

    Made it to work early. Plenty of room in the parking garage. My goodness, how did that happen? Then I turn and see the dog still in the back of the car.

    Just drove straight to the office and completely forgot to swing by the kennel first and drop off the 70-pound dog in the back seat.

    I think by the time we actually got to the kennel the dog was disoriented.

  11. Hah. I once got out of work, ran errands, went home and collapsed. Then I remembered I didn’t pick up the kids at daycare.

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