Why voters tune out Democrats

This is an interesting piece, although I don’t agree with this part at all. There was never an organic uprising against the deficit; it was a carefully-orchestrated campaign by the likes of Pete Peterson, helped along by the Koch brothers and their media enablers:

Finally, progressives have to be serious about reducing the country’s long-term deficits, constraining special interest spending and tax breaks and making government accountable to the ordinary citizen. The deficit matters to people and has real meaning and consequences. A government that spends and borrows without the kind of limits that would govern an ordinary family is going to have big troubles. Voters I’ve studied say things like, if “we keep spending like this, we’re going to be bankrupt and there won’t be anything for anybody,” especially “our children.” The final straw is the government’s decision to continue spending and to put the country deeper into debt and more dependent on China.

And this is where innumeracy comes in. Voters simply have no idea of the numbers involved, the size of the debt vs. the size of the U.S. economy. They haven’t noticed that deficit scares occur only during Democratic administration, and magically go away as soon as a Republican is elected president.

5 thoughts on “Why voters tune out Democrats

  1. This morning I suddenly remembered Dick Cheney saying that Ronald Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.

  2. Mr. Boohunney exchanging with one of our very right wing friends who is a small business owner…….. RWSBO says, “Government spending must be slashed, austerity is a must, gutting SS and medicare must happen. The gubmit must stop spending! It is hurtful to capitalism!”

    Mr. Boohunney asks RWSBO, ” Who are your biggest customers?”

    “The county gubmit and the state university,” answers RWSBO.

    “So, you would be for not having the gubmit entities for customers and that would not hurt your business?” asks Mr. Boohunney.

    Can’t make this kind of stuff up!
    The ones that beat the deficit drum should really take a hard look to how they benefit from Gubmit spending. Democrats need to point this stuff out. Instead Dems move more to the right to the detriment of all of us.

  3. That was a very good piece. It bears repeating that you can use this understanding about the deficit to support tax increases on the wealthy as well. It might be too late for such support to break the feelings of collusion between the government and the rich, though.

  4. Jjust a little hint but continually telling people that they don’t agree with you because they’re stupid isn’t as appealing as you must think.

  5. One thing about Democratic messages is that voters usually hear them only at election time or paired with a Republican arguing against what the Dem has to say.

    The MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media usually spouts the R talking points, so that begins to sound like the “received wisdom,” and those Dems are outliers, not really part of the main stream of discourse.

    That has to have an effect after a few decades or so….

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