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  1. >>how do you acquire support from liberals, as he did in the primaries in 2008

    Maybe they’ll do it by driving away from progressive discussion anyone who has a criticism of Obama, as Matt Stoller did on MyDD in 2008.

    Carolyn Kay

  2. Stoller seems to have a very different take on Obama as of now. (Big wave to Carolyn Kay–I still miss you at Corrente!)

    I did find his article interesting in that he posits that Obama needs only to fool liberals and the best way is to try to keep as much control as possible over what is shown on TV news. And I recalled how my TV news watching, but non-computer using neighbor just cannot believe most of what I tell him. The MCM is still keeping much of Obama’s lies and misleading off the air. (Well, that is a supposition, since I don’t get cable news channels.)

    So why, if his Presidency has been such an unmitigated disaster, is he continuing to pursue this reckless course. My theory is that the key to the Obama administration’s political strategy is not compromise or incrementalism. It is, quite simply, fooling liberals. When you look at Obama’s governing role, he is clearly a servant of American oligarchs. But obviously he can’t explicitly tell liberals this (unlike Republicans, who are explicit in saying they favor “job creators”), because liberals like to think of themselves as favoring economic justice. So how do you acquire support from liberals, as he did in the primaries in 2008 and will need to do again in 2012, while pursuing oligarch-friendly policies?

    You do it by ensuring that liberals only focus on the ceremonial non-governmental aspects of the Presidency. You do it by making sure that they focus only on the televised aspects of the Presidency.

    I was screaming at Obama on my TV for lying about –right now I can’t recall what– but someone who doesn’t read widely on political blogs wouldn’t even be aware of the lie he told.


  3. jawbone:

    Thanks for the good words. I was banned from Corrente, too.

    Obama certainly did a great job of splintering the so-called progressive online movement. With a lot of help from the movement itself, of course.

    Carolyn Kay

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