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  1. Regulations? Way over-rated.
    Whenever I talk to a right-wing, anti-regulation guy (they’re mostly always guys, face it), they basically say that if a company puts out bad products and it kills people, well, then other people won’t buy the product. Free market, problem solved.
    When I ask them if, when they go to the grocery store (and I have to say, regulations don’t work 100%. I’ve seen products with mold and with ‘past due’ dates well past a month. So where’s the ENFORCEMENT of the regulation? Nowhere to be found)
    Actually, I’m not sure about my point. Obviously regulations are violated up down left right ALL OVER THE PLACE.
    Is enforcement as corrupted as we see in the movies?
    There’s personal (and therefore Small Business) ethics and morals. They are the ones not minding paying more taxes BUT TO SURVIVE THEY NEED CUSTOMERS!!!
    And then you have those ‘small businesses’, mostly made small by some accounting bs, but ultimately HUGE CORPORATIONS!!
    And they?? They end up having the Federal Government, US, YES YOU AND ME!!!, pay them millions of dollars back because of sickening loopholes.
    Obama is NOT a Democrat, nor are most ‘Democrats’.
    Obama is doing what his biggest donors wanted, and Obama will do VERY well after his one pitiful turn in office.
    Obama knew how to get the ‘people’ behind him while lying in their faces. The ‘people’ are still trying to excuse his actions, incapable of NOT believing him.
    Well, I do. He’s entirely willing AND capable of dismantling the base that elected him.
    He’s the ultimate Koch-sucker. In disguise, perhaps.
    The Cock-suckers don’t care about social issues. They give gay-rights to the left, anti-abortion to the right. They don’t give a shit about either.
    They care about ruling the world.

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