Susie wants us to hang out.

So, I’m back!!! I knew you’d be happy.

Anyway. What was the first CD you purchased? Mine was “Sargent Pepper,” which strikes me as interesting because the first album I bought was “Meet the Beatles.” (I waited a long time to buy a CD player, to avoid the technology shuffle at the beginning. Or, because I had no money. I don’t remember.)

5 thoughts on “Susie wants us to hang out.

  1. “Greatest Hits” – Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs

    Because, in 10,000 years, when some future archaeologist digs it from the wreckage, and decodes it, I want to know they listened to “Wooly Bully” and thought “What the ….”

  2. I’m not sure I ever “bought” a CD, though I have a pile of them around. The first album I bought, way back in 1967 (or so) was American Beauty by The Grateful Dead.
    If my words did flow,
    like the cold dark sunshine;
    and my tunes, were played,
    on the harp unstrung;
    Would you hear my voice,
    come through the music?
    Would you hold it near,
    as it were your own?

  3. Hootenanny, The Replacements. Boy, I was working 2 jobs and finishing my bachelor’s degree (after a 10 year pursuit) and was too broke to buy CD’s when they first came out. My crowd bootlegged on cassettes for the most part and bought bootlegged cassettes at the flea market. Somehow, we always managed to scrape up money to get into Atlanta to see our favorite bands. The second was a Jody Grind CD. Kelly Hogan, the lead singer, is on Prairie Home companion now (on of my most favorite radio shows!) The Jody Grind was awesome live and the fabulous Deacon Lunchbox (the poet) was always a fun opening treat! Oh, the memories!

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