Leon Panetta as Strangelove

Ignore the jobless, kick people out of their homes, starve the kids. These consequences are grim but acceptable. The one thing we cannot afford, you slimy Congresspeople, is to cut the Defense budget. Doing so might set off a “doomsday mechanism,” perhaps identical to the doomsday machine dreamed up by the Soviets in Dr. Strangelove.

3 thoughts on “Leon Panetta as Strangelove

  1. part of me thinks that Panetta’s playing rope a dope here.

    not that he isn’t serious, but partly I think this might be a shout out to the Rs with the budget cutting axe.

  2. Leon is just reminding everybody that there is only one untouchable entitlement in Washington, Defense spending. All else must be sacrificed to feed the MIC.

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