Post-wedding post

I had a really good time at the wedding yesterday. It was lovely, one of the nicest weddings I’ve ever attended. (It seems just yesterday that I was my sister’s labor coach while she was in labor with the bride.)

My niece looked fabulous. And so did my sister.

Until yesterday, I didn’t even know that the bride and groom met at Disney World while they were both on spring break. (Which explains the fairy tale motif that was everywhere.)

The seating at the different tables was done by theme. The bride’s side is from Philadelphia, so those tables each featured a Philadelphia landmark. The groom’s family is from Long Island, so their tables all featured New York landmarks. So I saw this guy check out one table and recoil, saying loudly to his wife, “Citizens Bank Park? No way!”

I sneered and said to him, “Yeah, you wish you had that problem.” Meh. Mets fans!