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  1. not kidnapped white kids=not news; Following Rethug values, Amerika has become such a ‘big-hearted’ country.

  2. Yup, Ron. When their kids get killed, it’s “collateral damage,” unavoidable and no big deal. If it’s certain of our kids, it’s a crisis to be resolved. Unless the kids are too poor, too dark, too underclass, then it’s…meh.

  3. Bernhard has a post at MoonofAlabama.org highlighting a NYTimes statement that friendly fire accidents rarely if ever happen with NATO taking out Afghanistan soldiers and police.

    However, he pulled together quite a few instances where, indeed, NATO killed and wounded Afghan forces.

    But, for home consumption, such things do not happen and children are not killed as part of collateral damage.

    A commenter notes that in one instance, the men involved had worked with the US soldiers for 3-4 months. Ooops.

    blockquote>Even the captain stood, pulled his sidearm and began shooting, he said.
    Mr. Naim was shot in both legs.

    Making it even more perplexing, both wounded officers said, is that they knew the American captain and the soldiers.

    “We had been patrolling together the last three or four months,” Mr. Naim said. “We used to be good friends with the captain and his men. He was a nice person, very talkative. We went on patrols with them. We risked our lives with them. I don’t know why they did this.”


    Among the dead were Mr. Naim’s nephew, Abdul Majeed, 23, and two of Mr. Naim’s cousins, Jumma Gul, 25, and Muhammed Gul, 21.

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    War makes people do terrible, terrible things.

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