3 thoughts on “Billionaire Tom Friedman

  1. Looks like something big is boiling under the surfaced, not yet “discovered” and acknowledged by the arbiters of our political culture at The Daily Beast, Politico, Newsweek and Fox News. Once discovered, they’ll do their best to demonize, delegitimize and suppress it too, as they did with Howard Dean… Or maybe they’ll just distract: Oh, wait, look OVER THERE, Lindsey Lohan’s on probation again! And what about Casey’s kid?

  2. One thing I have not understood is how advance in technology that basically manipulate words and do arithmetic can produce the basic necessities of life. The globalizers promoted their ideas on the premise that we here in the USA would manipulate words and numbers while the people in the rest of the world would produce the necessities of life. When people said that this looked dangerous making ourselves dependent on other countries, they told us that we would be perfectly fine because we were smart and the other people were dumb and we would dominate the knowledge based economy. All we had to do was work hard and study and keep our skills up. They are telling us now that it is our own fault that we are falling behind because we didn’t keep our skills up and work hard enough. Friedman knows this because he is smart and is really good at writing books and manipulating words. However I doubt that he could bake a loaf of bread or build a house. I think he believes that he doesn’t have to because he can eat his words and live in the castles he builds in his mind, and the rest of us ought to as well.

  3. The thing we lead the rest of the world in is entertainment, movies and music. The rest of the world is eating our lunch in terms of machines and material goods, even sending us half our food, but everybody is watching American movies and listening to American music. We should move the government from Washington to Hollywood.

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