13 thoughts on “Oh good

  1. Meanwhile back at the ranch Homeland Security is taking knitting needles from old ladies on airplanes and stored breast milk from nursing mothers on planes, and all to keep you safe and secure. And then you can’t nurse from your boobs on the plane because your boobs belong to the sex machine and not your baby. So just let your baby starve on the flight. Teach him/her a lesson in survival.

    Don’t you feel safer now? Be grateful you pissy complaining morons.

    However this information will just circulate and feed the beast.

    Now if a bunch of people would die on camera because their drugs were cut off, say a mass dying, that would capture their attention.

    An excess of reality hopefully coupled with suicide would provide the terroristic implosion required to crash the system.

  2. The article commenters had already jumped all over the first thing that popped into my mind – namely the part about how well “…looser building codes…” was going to work on a frigging platform on the high seas.

    That and of course no minimum wage. Yeah, I’d like to commute to a platform with a bunch of billionaire pricks who pay and treat me like garbage all day.

    And the commenters had also picked up on the second thing that occurred to me – wouldn’t there be a huge temptation for a version of the Dread Pirate Roberts to pay a place like this a visit?

    “Talk Like a Pirate” Day could take on new meaning on a platform like this.

    Heck, I hope they go ahead and build their cute little Sea Going Shangri-La.

    Might be our best chance to get rid of the Ruling Class.

  3. Oh, and they can leave their assets behind too. No American subsidies for hostile foreign powers. Since they’re antithetical to democracy, does that mean they’re automatic members of the AXIS OF EVIL?

  4. It looks more like the millionaires have figured out that the poor people are about to confiscate most of their wealth. Talk about exclusive gated communities. These people are a joke.

  5. Hell Yea, hurry up and build your filthy , new ‘water world’. No building codes, no moral regulations, no government interference…………….yippeee, the bastards better know how to swim!

  6. dandy – you’re right – they better know how to swim.

    Doesn’t mean I won’t be cheer leading for the sharks, though…

    Gimmee an S – SSSS

    Gimmee an H – HHHH

  7. Mr. Classical Liberal, do we detect a note of sarcasm in your tone? Here’s your choice, live in a poorly operated government paid for housing unit OR live on the steets. What would be your choice? Before you make your choice keep in mind that you are living in Wasilla, Alaska.

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