Tonight on VSS

Tuesday, Aug 16 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking Susie |  Susie Madrak visits with Richard (RJ) Eskow, former executive with experience in health care, benefits, and risk management, finance, and information technology. Richard worked for AIG and other insurance, risk management, and financial organizations and consulted – public policy and finance/economics – in the US and over 20 countries. RJwrites at A Night LightHuffington Post and Follow him @rjeskow. | Listen live and later on BTR

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4 thoughts on “Tonight on VSS

  1. Ahh cripes. the Hillary is better meme. It just doesn’t hold up. One, she and Bill were political partners – he was President, but she wasn’t sitting meekly at home; two, her record in the senate is hawkish; three, she moved quickly to sell herself to conservatives on joining the senate; and four, her record as SOS – Haiti anyone?

  2. As I recall, we discussed the pluses and minuses of Clinton (including her hawkish stances), and I said one of her strengths was that she knew how to fight back against the right wing. Are you seriously going to argue otherwise? Also, do you believe the Secretary of State makes her own policy?

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