‘Unleash us’

Maxine Waters wants to go after Obama over jobs:

U.S. House Rep. Maxine Waters is asking black voters who are struggling with an unemployment rate nearly twice the national average to “unleash” her and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus on President Obama.

The California Democrat, speaking at a raucous town hall in Detroit hosted by the CBC on Tuesday, said she doesn’t want to attack the president from his base unless the base gives her the go-ahead.

“If we go after the president too hard, you’re going after us,” Waters said. “When you tell us it’s all right and you unleash us and you’re ready to have this conversation, we’re ready to have the conversation.”

Judging by the reaction of the audience, including someone yelling to Waters, “It’s all right,” the president will be hearing very soon from the congresswoman and her fellow caucus members.

Since Obama took office, he has resisted pressure from the CBC to create jobs programs specifically targeting blacks, saying that improving the entire economy will help all groups.

5 thoughts on “‘Unleash us’

  1. Obama’s base has cracked wide open and the oligarchy is in full panic. Just take a look at today’s Dow Jones average.

  2. He’s gotta know that he’s already pretty close to “toast” for 2011, but without a LARGE AA turnout in ’12, he done for sure!

  3. ….besides, Obama has it all backwards with this “improving the economy for all groups bullshit meme”. That’s nothing more than the same old trickle down economic theory from the Reagan era that didn’t do anything for poor and minority folks 30 years ago. I’ve always said he’s a wolf in sheeps’ clothing…………

  4. Actually, this president has resisted almost anything remotely serving as a jobs program, for any groups: He doesn’t want his St. Ronnie aura to be tainted by any of those FDR-type programs. The ones that actually helped people and helped the economy.

    He denigrates and despises liberals.

    Yes, he proposed a too-small stimulus, and then made the jobs stimulus portion even smaller by making a lot of the money into tax cuts. To mollify the Repubs, but he did do a tiny bit to keep/create jobs. But, that has actually served to make some of the public believe any stimulus is useless.

    (Or…he wanted to go the tax cut route anyway? What better way to get a Repub Congress than to make the Congressional Dems impotent and seen as doing nothing for their constituents. And with a Repub Congress, Obama can then say the only actions he can take are those that pass both houses. And he let his Inner Republican shine through. Which he’s worked hard to do in a stealthy way with a Dem Congress and now a split Congress. )

    He is so stuck in helping the damn banksters! And other Uberwealthy and Big Big Bidness interests.

    Yesterday, NPR’s ATC had a segment about an actual small business in NC, a jazz club-restaurant run by two women. They get nothing but hurt from Obama’s policies. All of this was discussed without naming Obama, of course. I think the two women are black, but I’m not positive. However, the reporter did describe the two women and one has dreadlocks, one a shaved head. They may be black, so this story may be even more telling than if coming from white small business people.

    Transcript and audio here.

    SEABROOK (NPR reporter): Yet even for this successful restaurant, times are hard, says Joiner. She feels like she’s always working against the system, jumping through hoops just to stay in business. Large corporations don’t seem to have this problem, she says. Joiner asks, who took the heat with the bad bank decisions that threw the U.S. economy into the swamp?

    JOINER: We got penalized. We got penalized because people couldn’t come in our door and buy things. Then we got penalized because we had to pay more for the loan that they gave us. That’s not right.

    SEABROOK: And then there’s all the talk in Washington, says Joiner, about politicians helping small businesses. What they mean by small businesses, Joiner says, is operations making five or ten million dollars a year, not Sweet Potatoes.

    JOINER: For the little person that generates the neighborhood job, the city job, the basic job that most people survive off of, there are no tax cuts. We haven’t seen it. We haven’t felt it.

    SEABROOK: Tyler(ph) and Joiner believe Washington is set up right now to serve Wall Street, corporations and big campaign donors. And they’re disappointed.

    JOINER: When politicians become public servants again and take care of the people they’re supposed to serve, then we’ll have a better country. (My emphasis)

    Interesting that suddenly these kinds of stories are getting air time…. Not all that many, but CBS has had some on 60 Minutes and on the evening news, as well.

    After the austerity measure got passed.

    This story seems to be a way of saying some black people are not blinded to the effects of Obama’s policies by the color of his skin. And this may give all liberal politicians leeway to stand up to Obama.

    One can hope.

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