One thought on “Class warfare, my ass

  1. Because FOX is nothing more than a propaganda organ it can’t be educated. But FOX is only more obvious about what it’s doing than the MSM is. For example Hillary Clinton is screeching all over the media (FOX included) that those horrid dictators in Libya and Syria must “resign at once.” Like that’s going to happen because silly Hillary says so. But what does Hillary have to say about Bahrain which has a brutal dictator who imprisons, tortures and kills his people? Nothing. Nada. That’s because the USA operates a really large naval base in Bahrain. Which we want to keep operating foolishy believing that the base will somehow deter Iran. Or what about Israel who has been occupying and brutalizing Palestine and Palestinians for 60 years? Is Hillary demanding that Netanyaa-hoooo resign? Of course not. That’s because she doesn’t want the JDL and AIPAC calling her an anti-Semite. (Which is a stupid thing to call anyone because Arabs are Semites too.)

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