4 thoughts on “Chronic fatigue syndrome

  1. At lest this energizes them enough to get out of bed. Most people just want to be listened to and taken seriously, and nobody wants to think that they may be in some part responsible for their own condition.

  2. In almost any other field of research, I’d agree. But, given the degree to which medical research has been co-opted by Big Pharma and other Corporate Masters who don’t want to held accountable, I’ll reserve judgement.

  3. Unfortunate that so many people feel powerless these days, and in their frustration choose to act out rather than seek answers.

  4. There is no objective scientific evidence that patients with this severe neuroimmune disease are responsible for their disease any more than patients with MS or Parkinson’s Disease. They aren’t smokers who got lung cancer.

    The problem with inaccurate reporting and sensationalism by the press is that extremely rare incidents are blown out of proportion. What about the thousands who do quietly and legitimately advocate?

    That’s like saying anyone who owns a gun also goes into shopping malls and shoots children, the elderly and their congressional representative.

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