3 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Now that I’ve decided to view myself as being retired and not in the job-finding rat race, I’m much more relaxed. I still have money problems but I’m sorting things out with family help. I have the time to pursue my interests and hobbies and let myself enjoy life while I’m able to. A friend paid for me to go on a bus trip with a bead society to large bead show in Oaks (PA) this past weekend. I’m crocheting for an artist I know (she needs square for a yarn bombing of sorts at a crafts biennial in Korea next month). So, basically life is good. I have my apartment, interesting activities, fairly good health and friends.

  2. Great dog and beautiful park in the neighborhood. Took mutt ears for a swim yesterday. Got caught in a shower and took shelter under a gazebo. So much fun and such a nice cool down in this heat.

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