3 thoughts on “Trumka

  1. “They’re telling us we need to accept shared sacrifice.” My dear Richard it’s been Obama who’s been telling you that. Your fine speech would have hit home had you called Obama by name. Obama is your problem Richard. Not the Republicans and all of those greedy CEO’s. They could never have gotten away with the crap that Obama has dumped on all of us over the past 2 1/2 years.

  2. Labor day should be interesting. Is Trumka going to wink and nod away all differences/inactions from Obama’s part and going to sing Kumbaya like in the past? Or just not invite Obama to speechify?

    The Democratic party is a huge contradiction. It can be for capitalists or for labor but not both. The party is imploding from within because of the contradiction.

    Here is a real alternative :
    (Disclosure: I have been to few of their meetings. It is just a bunch of us peasants/unwashed who pitch in with some small amounts whenever we can).

    Also watch the animated video “Mouseland” on Youtube. We need to get away from the serial abuser that is the Dem party.

  3. When the primaries come around, labor will just stick to the deal and support the establishment Democrats and send the message, “We talk tough, but we bend over.”

    This is yet another reason I won’t be voting in November. The unions at least have the power to get he Democrats’ attention and force them to stand by the working class. They won’t. They’ll just talk tough and bend over. There’s nobody to vote for, last of all Obama, because they are all contributing to the screwing of the majority for the benefit of the wealthy.

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