Ho boy

Just got back from a friend’s birthday party. (Who, by the way, thought it was hysterical that I blogged about going to the hospital. You would think that going out in this storm would have earned me some points, but no.)

The rain is as bad as I’ve ever seen, and the hurricane isn’t even near us yet. This is still just the outer bands, we have another five hours until Irene hits us. I just turned on the BIG GIANT 45″ flatscreen in my hotel room and there’s a tornado warning area near Ocean City and Atlantic City, which is only an hour away. The man on the teevee tells me 17 homes were destroyed in Lewes, Delaware.

It would be more than a little ironic if I moved from one potential hazard zone to another. Hah, hah!

I passed a Chili’s down the road: “HURRICANE PARTY CRAFT CANS $3.50”. The parking lot was almost empty.

Oops, and the hotel lights here just dimmed and knocked me offline. Here’s hoping we don’t lose power for good.

UPDATE: Uh oh. The tornado warning zone just moved a lot closer.

UPDATE: A notice was just slipped under my door, basically telling us not to panic if we lose power. Emergency lighting will come on in public areas and stairwells. Also, staff members will be around to hand out flashlights. “Please stay in your rooms until daylight.” Also, food selections for the free continental breakfast may be limited.