Siding with the atheists.

Stuart Varney, mocking atheists who are (those fools) preparing for the coming hurricane without praying.

The woman in the red dress says, “Prayer brings comfort to so many people.”

David Silverman: “So do drugs.”

Spiritual life aside, one can clearly see that there is nothing to Fox News but agenda. Sad, really.

“Rock and Roll.”

6 thoughts on “Siding with the atheists.

  1. I have become a much happier and well-adjusted person since i got rid of the television. And soon, I will be doing the same with the Internet.

    Everybody and everything seems like its going off the rails on the crazy train. It makes me want to find a plot of arable land way in the middle of nowhere, where I can raise sheep, make beer, and self-subsist.

    keep a cellphone around for actual emergencies or something. I don’t have the skills to do any of this past the brewing.

  2. I haven’t had tv in years, but people keep shoving shit in my face. So I have to repay the favor, or something.
    Stuart Varney seems just too smarmy to be anything but a scam artist. Like I keep saying, the only other Varney I know of is the one in “Neverwhere,” and we know how nice he was. (I am sure there are nice Varneys. I think they should stand up and get this guy off the air.)

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