3 thoughts on “Woo hoo

  1. First, I’m relieved and glad you’re ok.

    With respect to your post…
    Why should I accept this as true? What is the source of this information, where is the origin of the graphic, the stats?

    Let’s not jump into behaving like Fox here, just declaiming and demanding acceptance of “statistics” without provenance. You usually provide a link or more… why not here?

  2. Noticing the correlation between heart attacks and McDonald’s restaurants, I’d expect to see Canada and the UK with a higher rank on the heart attack list. That aside, I’ve been told by an experienced nurse that we are also number one in heart bypass operations and the prescription of heart medications of various types which, as we know from the Vioxx tragedy, don’t always work to prevent heart attacks. The reason we’re first in bypasses is strictly economic — it’s an expensive operation and insurance companies pay for it without complaint. Of course, invasive procedures like a bypass are always dangerous and sometimes weaken the patient’s heart and resistance to other illnesses. Also, American doctors and hospitals don’t make much from prescribing a shift in diet or new, safer procedures for cleaning the arteries of plaque. Meanwhile, in the socialist health meccas of Europe (excepting the giant sausage eaters of Deutschland) and the Great White North, bypass operations, and the use of heavy-duty heart medications, are less frequent, and so are heart attacks. If our health care system made any sense, this might be something worth knowing.

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