5 thoughts on “Debate

  1. Christianity like Judasim before it and Islam after it are political movements. Those who place these movements into the rhelm of esoteric thought and then assign to them some “religious” significance are, and have always been, the ideological propagandists and the enemies of “truth.” The slave masters if you will. “Religion is the opiate of the masses,” is a truism. But only when it explains how religion is used as a tool by the politician(s) to keep the citizen(s) in check. Reflect back and see yourself as a slave. How do you force the King, Pharaoh, etc. to become your equal? “There is no God, but God.” Try reasoning with the King, Pharaoh, etc. on the level.

  2. I love how the discussion of atheism is always a debate, and that for nonbelievers and believers to come together, all that is required is the very small concession that atheists acknowledge that God exists. And that they are wrong. About everything. But don’t expect that of believers! That would be the ultimate sign of disrespect!

  3. If one can’t prove that God does NOT exist (ah, but to prove a double negative) how can one even begin to prove that God does exist? But, the believer need never prove his position because it’s a belief. One that states that God exists. The disbeliever can never prove that God does not exist, so his/her fantasy based argument is lost before it requires presentation. It is much more effective and workable to believe in something than it is to believe in nothing.

  4. The Flying Spaghetti Monster checked out of the Hotel California A Long Time Ago and was last seen 8 Miles High trying to spot the Masters of War because A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall. Peace out bBro.

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