Verily, the ‘meeks’ shall inherit the dirt

The GOP’s perennial Christian con game: the rich deserve their wealth, they worked for it, and the poor who can’t work their way into a higher income bracket should accept their poverty as God’s will

One thought on “Verily, the ‘meeks’ shall inherit the dirt

  1. Survival of the fittest. Just like 1930’s and 40’s Germany. Give a guy a fish and he’ll be sponging off you forever—-the damn Socialist. Teach a man to fish and you can sell him a pole and hire him to catch fish for you……..that’s how you develop a good Capitalist. But best of all it’s right there in the Bible. The Republican/Right wing crazies Bible( which in no way resembles the orthodox Bible) that is. The pea may or not be under one of their shells.

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