So we have laws to make it impossible for grown women to get abortions they want and need, but we allow abortions forced on the mentally disabled. It’s a real puzzle, isn’t it?

HOUSTON (AP) — A Houston woman got an abortion for her 12-year-old mentally disabled daughter in an effort to hide evidence that her son sexually assaulted the girl, authorities said.

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  1. Let’s see. Anti-war and anti-capital punishment and pro-abortion. Or Pro-war and pro-capital punishment and anti-abortion. Aren’t those the two sides? Something doesn’t seem right?

  2. Jeez, did you even read the article?

    This woman’s daughter is pregnant at age twelve, and she did the right thing-dragged the kid off to an abortion clinic to have the fetus aborted-to spare her daughter the enormous pain of pregnancy and child birth at twelve years of age. Mentally disabled at twelve years of age. Fucked by her brother at twelve years of age….

    Yeah, “Mom” forced her kid to have an abortion. Good for her!

    ANY twelve year old kid who is pregnant needs an abortion ASAP.

    She took her kid to a reputable clinic, just as I “forced” my boys to go to the dentist. We did not sit down and discuss our “choices”.

    Twelve year olds do not get to make choices . Mothers do, and this one, regardless of her obviously screwed-up family situation, made the right one for her daughter.

    And she’s being accused “forcing” the abortion to “hide” evidence???

  3. My point being that everyone’s against abortion until they come up against the circumstances where they’re the ones who want one.

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