It’s a beautiful summer day

Hotter than yesterday, but not too humid. The last day of August, and you know what that means: Only 30 days until my birthday!

I went out to Murph’s for pizza with my friend last night, and we were talking about how really awful the long-term outlook is now. “But in a strange sort of way, it’s so overwhelming that it’s become really useful in keeping me more in the moment,” I told him. “You know? Like right now, I’m sitting here having dinner with my friend and we’re talking and it’s all good, right this moment. And that’s all there is, but it’s a lot.”

I keep reminding myself.

3 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful summer day

  1. I keep reminding myself.

    It was Ron, recently, who demanded that we count our blessings. I agree.

    Of course, the realization of blessing does not negate the anger.

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