5 thoughts on “The obvious

  1. The Obama administartion knows exactly what it’s doing. Obama’s domestic policy is playing out just as it is meant to play out. Obama’s foreign policy is likewise on script. The only input that matters here is that of the oligarchy. The oligarchy wrote the plan many moons ago. The job of our politicians is to execute the oligarchy’s plan. It is what it is.

  2. …and one other point. The ‘PLAN’ as I see it is something on the order of “Let’s play out the rest of Obamas’ term—–and play out the Republican Ruse for ’12 (as if we think one of them could win) —-“give Obama a second term ’cause he has shown that he can sell our policies, as if he’s a populist, to everyday folks better than anyone else on the national stage right now. In ’16 we finish fuckin’ up the country with President Palin running things!”

    Now is THAT a PLAN or what?

  3. It won’t be Palin. She’s too unpredictable – there’s a reason the establishment hates her. It will be someone like Mitch Daniels.

  4. I agree that it won’t be Palin. Or Bachmann. (One or two n’s?)
    But they have plenty of time to find someone sufficiently (un)suitable for 2016.

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