Mitchell’s ‘Coyote’ still lean and mean

The video above is the studio version of “Coyote,” with Jaco Pastorius on bass. Go here for a video and description of the great live version of the song in Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz.

One thought on “Mitchell’s ‘Coyote’ still lean and mean

  1. Watching the video of the the Band backing Joni Mitchell on “Coyote,” from Martin Scorcese’s movie The Last Waltz, I wondered how much cocaine had to do with looking fashionably emaciated in 1976. Never mind.

    Mitchell is beyond svelte, but still young enough to make cadaverous rhyme with glamorous. Robbie Robertson, seen very briefly, looks like you could knock him over with a guitar pick. He must have been bucking to make the junior welterweight division of great rock and roll guitarists.

    Shorter oddmanout: In a land of the morbidly obese, even regular slender people are that way because of cocaine and heroin.

    Way to plant some bullshit, oddmanout.

    Not in a good way.

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