Occupy Wall St.

Paul Farrell in MarketWatch:

Occupy Wall Street is a “leaderless resistance movement” spearheaded by the edgy Adbusters magazine, which in July issued a call for the Sept. 17 occupation of Wall Street.

Their allies have names like “CultureJammers,” “USDayofRage.org,” “People of the NYC General Assembly,” “TaketheSquare.net,” and recently they were joined by the noted civil disobedience anarchists, “Anonymous” and many others worldwide. This movement reminds us of the historic rag-tag armies General Washington commanded from 13 Colonies for the first American Revolution.

The new ones are also united in the spirit of the Tahrir Square revolutionaries: “One thing we all have in common is that we are the 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%,” according to posts on the Occupy Wall Street website .

Leaderless, yes. But now their real power comes in a new strategy: “one big swarm of people” challenging authority. They want their democracy back: “One citizen. One dollar. One vote.” Get the corrupting influence of money out of elections.

Bottom line: They want to eliminate “the greatest corrupter of our democracy: Wall Street, the financial Gomorrah of America.”

Yes, the ‘Arab Spring’ is now the new ‘American Fall’

This revolution started back in February at the peak of the Arab Spring. Around the time Mubarak resigned Adbusters talked of a “Million Man March on Wall Street.” Then the “call to action” shifted, became “Occupy Wall Street.” That caught on. Since then many other resistance movements jumped on board in cities worldwide.

Now a massive show of solidarity is rapidly emerging for Occupy Wall Street rallies at major financial centers: London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, L.A., San Francisco “and with a bit of luck, this list of participating cities will expand” maybe even include the world’s most powerful bank, the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington.

But will 20,000 show up? Warning: Could be lots more. After Tunisian President Ali fled his country in January, Egyptian revolutionaries issued a “call for action” in Tahrir Square. And 90,000 arrived. Given today’s intense anger against America’s totally dysfunctional government, no one should be surprised if 90,000 arrive for Occupy Wall Street and its solidarity allies at other financial centers across the world, armed with their rallying cry to stop “the corruption of our governments by Wall Street money.”

Warning: Ignore this rebellion at your peril. Reading their materials reveals a deeply frustrated, angry, fed up army of revolutionaries. Like their “Arab Spring” brothers, the new American revolutionaries are no longer interested in talk. They want action.

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  1. Fucking shades of COSMOPOLIS! It’s the Rat demonstration straight out of the book. Wait until the film comes out!

    However Vija Kinski analyzes it so you ought to read it before you get too excited.

    If everyone got online, and in solidarity did a certain trade in the markets, the whole system could crash. Push the system to its breaking point. don’t demonstrate against it because you strengthen it that way. They need you to do this.

    Also I talk about his a lot in my guerrillablog2.blogspot a lot. It’s a strategy. I am trying to get the robsessed people who moan over the papp intrusion into his life while they gobble up the papp pics.

    To defeat the papps, tweet his whereabouts everywhere. Use old pics as the papps won’t know the difference. flood twitter with tweets of spottings of him. Push the papps beyond their limits. Implode them like Packer does the market in Cosmopolis.

  2. Here’s a few other Obama progressive-types who need some attention. Cass Sunstein who invented “cyberbalkanization” which is also known as the “nudge” idea and works for Obama. Him and Andy Stern. Stern headed the SEIU when the union gave $1 million dollars in 2008 and 2010 to the Republican governers to help them defeat Democratic governers. Who’s tired of all of Obama’s shucking and jiving?

  3. I’m not seeing it, either. This is the first I heard about it, and it’s supposed to come together in 10 days??? I don’t think so. Too bad. It’s a neat idea.

  4. “the new American revolutionaries are no longer interested in talk. They want action”

    At last. Count me in.

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