5 thoughts on “‘People don’t realize how fragile democracy really is’

  1. How many years did it take from the first grumblings till the French Revolution? And how much was that encouraged by Louis the whatever, supporting Revolutionary thinkers?

  2. Civil war is inevitable, but this time it will likely begin as a passive revolt against the broken guvmint. Nobody can fight empire and win, but we can ignore it and go about our business until their (its?) interference in that activity is seen as egregious enough that people have reason to dissolve it, which is our unalienable right under the natural law cited by the founders in the Declaration of Independence. Insofar as the constitution has been nullified because the legislators and president charged with upholding the principles that underpin its laws have been compromised, purchased, and corrupted beyond purposeful and beneficial functionality for the citizens of the country, screw them. Just ignore the fuquers, the bullies cantor and boner and the rest. When they become enraged and come at us, then the fun will start. Meanwhile, don’t vote for them, don’t play the game. Lots of people across the country are already doing this, going the other way, starting their own farms, going off the system. No need for violence, just stop engaging with the corporate media and let the bank-bought hacks in congress find some stupider people to rob.

  3. Some good points, Sarah. Since refurbishing the ports and railroads is so low on the radar screen, I think the day will come when the lack of ability to simply stay in touch with other parts of the country is going to heighten your allegiance to your particular region.

    I’m a Great Lakes Region kind of person myself.

    You can’t say “I secede” while the big money for the military-industrial-security-spy complex is still rolling in. But as you say, ignore them.

    Bide your time. And maybe someday we can be in a region or locale that actually pays attention to living within its resource base.

    Some locales may actually value clean air and water. And a fair representative government. May such areas prosper. And the military-industrial complex go broke.

    Until then, keep tending the compost pile.

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