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Wednesday, Sept 7 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking
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Alan Boyle talks with Rand Simberg

As’s science editor, Alan runs a virtual curiosity shop of the physical sciences and space exploration, paleontology, archaeology and other ologies that strike his fancy. Alan is the author of “The Case for Pluto,” a contributor to “A Field Guide for Science Writers,” and the blogger
behind Cosmic Log, the 2008 recipient of the National Academies
Communication Award.

Rand Simberg describes himself as ‘just a recovering aerospace
engineer.’ The Competitive Enterprise Institute describes him as ‘an
expert on space technology and policy, particularly with regard to
NASA and commercial human spaceflight.’ He writes widely about the
politics and economics of space exploration. Read him in Popular
Mechanics and Transterrestrial Musings – Biting Commentary about
Infinity and Beyond! Watch him on YouTube. | Listen live and later on BTR

One thought on “Virtually Speaking tonight

  1. So many choices. We can listen to MSNBC’s Alan Boyle, the network that has marched steadily rightward since COMCAST bought it, interview right winger Rand Simberg about all things related to the arming of space. Simberg is employed by the Competitive Enterprise Institute the right wing think tank founded by ultra-conservative Fred L. Smith. Simberg also writes volumes of right leaning (propaganda) material for such right wing reactionary publications as Popular Mechanics (the guys who debunk things like climate change and tell us why mecury in drinking water isn’t harmful or why fracking can’t possibly do any enviornmental damage) ) and FOX news? Or we can watch whatever the FOX propaganda network is spewing. So many choices.

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