3 thoughts on “Hah

  1. Does anyone else get the feeling that we’ve all passed through the looking glass? Black is white. War is Peace. The rich are victims and the poor are ruthless winners. At least now we know who’s writing this stuff for ‘Big Brother’.

  2. I was JUST thinking that last night (about how Big Brother is actually here & now) while listening to an NPR Piece on the Counterterrorism Squad at the Mall of AmeriKa in Minnesota – the THOUGHT POLICE there alert the State Police & FBI of “suspicious” people based on the Mall Cops’ “feelings.” George Orwell seems to have written a manual for the current time, should have been called “2004” instead of “1984.”

  3. The NSA has been listening in on citizens conversations well before “1984.” That’s how the “pigs” were able to corner and then assassinate every leader of the Black Panther Party 40 years ago. The difference is that there is more awareness about what’s going on then there was in the 60’s. Yeah for “cyberbalkanization.”

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