Three Begs in Three Days

After I received a beg for loser David Weprin yesterday, I received two more in less than 24 hours: guess it’s true that the DCCC is panicking that they are going to lose Anthony Weiner’s seat. Oh well…

And you know, everytime I get an email from the DCCC, I remember how badly they fucked Alan Grayson, another loudmouth who liked to embarrass Republicans: they hung that dude out to dry. And you know, I get mad. I get mad that Kirsten Gillibrand is begging me for money for a loser candidate. I get mad that the DCCC turned their back on a wonderfully charismatic Democrat who took the fight to the Republicans, and made fun of them on a daily basis.

Well, Grayson’s running again, and his campaign called tonight. And you know what? I’m unemployed, and have no money to spare, but I ponied up $5.25 for Alan Grayson.

I don’t have a single dime for the DCCC though. Not one thin dime.