Al Qaeda, you know what you’ve done to America? You’ve made us indifferent. You want to set off another bomb? Yeah, okay. Whatever. We’re so used to the domestic battering that resulted from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that sucked up all the disposable cash that we’re numb.

If we’re lucky, FEMA has enough funding left to come in and clean up whatever’s left.

I saw the local police chief on my teevee this morning, talking about how he was briefed by the FBI on the possibility of an attack in Philadelphia — even though they have no information that indicates we’re a target. But it’s very, very important that we are very, very scared.

Al Qaeda, what can you do to us that makes our lives worse? No jobs, no money, no hope. No government that’s willing to help us, they only want to help the other countries where we’re at war. Always enough money for war and the profiteers.

That’s what your boy Osama wanted to do: He wanted to bleed our economy dry, the way he did the Soviets. Congratulations, you did it! Anything you do at this point is just gilding the lily.

But if you do bomb us, maybe they’ll finally find the money to help right here at home. Silver lining!

3 thoughts on “Whatever

  1. Mostly it’s the Left who’s indifferent. The Right is all camouflaged up, Bible in hand and ready to lock’n load. There’s a sickness in the land.

  2. It’s more (temporarily) “employed” vs (hopelessly) unemployed at this point rather than right or left, or “connected” (to the ownership class/power people) and the rest of us. There’s no doubt about it now, though, it’s over for this country within a decade if we keep going with this disfunctional non-representative government (unless you’re a large corporation or bank), failure to respond to climate change issues, backward policies and continued reliance on polluting fossil fuels (hence many of the disasterous situations we’re subjected to which will become worse in years to come – see here if you’re still a “denier”:
    http://www.skepticalscience.com/), and idiotic foreign and domestic policies.

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