2 thoughts on “Trade agreement

  1. How about that? A voucher for Medicaid/care recipients to go to another country and buy into their health care programs. Well, some retirees move to other countries to try to find housing they could not afford here. A nice idea – but it from a standpoint of being too truthful and too image damaging – it would likely never be enacted.

    It would be a nice option. But, since when are we big on “public options” when it comes to health care?

  2. This voucher idea is clearly directed at the wealthy who can see the writing on the wall. Medicare for all will be in place within ten years. The economics of it will force that to happen. Soooooo….the wealthy want to be able to travel, something some poor chap living from paycheck to paycheck can’t afford to do, and buy their way into country X’s health care program. Canada maybe or England? It certainly won’t be Mexico or Cuba. With a voucher in hand it will be up to Uncle Sugar to pay for their medical care. This sounds like the poor, and with no more middle class soon that will be most of us, will get punked again by the oligarchy.

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