One thought on “Dominionism

  1. One piece of this analysis was missing. The Armageddonist thinking that runs deeply throughout the Evangelical doctrine. None of the reasoning behind “Dominionism” can be sold without including the why of it? In the ‘end times’, and after the ‘final battle’ the Evangelicals refer to as Armageddon, all of the Jews who have not converted to Christianity will be dead. All non-believers will also be dead. At that point Christ will come down to earth for a ‘second coming’ and ‘rule all nations’ in Peace until the end of the world. These “Dominionists” are Christian [Zionist] Armageddonists who support Israel’s ever action. Not because they love the Jews or Israel, but because the Jews must either die or convert before Christ can return to earth. The Evangelicals are a dangerous group on all sorts of levels. But mostly becasue they are warmongers.

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