3 thoughts on “Why vegetarianism will not save the world

  1. I haven’t read her book, but from the interview, I think she’s making three points. First, agriculture of all kinds is killing the earth, not just animal agriculture. Yet we must eat. Second, vegetarianism, and especially veganism, can be (unless practiced very, very carefully) bad for your health. We’re omnivores. Third, these acts are no more virtuous than, say, buying a Prius. It’s not the individual acts of American liberals that will save the world; to do that we must be legion.

    But I got the sense that she believes, as I do, that even the measures she proposes are just so many fingers in the dike. We’re running out of everything, fish, fresh water, timber, arable land. We’re out of cheap oil. Last I heard, the earth’s population is getting close to seven billion. Small, sustainable farms can feed a few, and maybe more, for a couple of generations. But seven billion?

  2. Merciless, you included this point, and it struck me –a lot– as important:

    First of all, lifestyle is not politics. The left has completely collapsed into these kinds of lifestyle adjustments, abandoning the concept of organizing to confront power. There are no personal solutions to political problems. Only political movements can confront and dismantle unjust systems of power. (My emphasis)

  3. Yes, jawbone. The establishment hates and fears leftist thought, and always has, because it’s disruptive. My feeling is that the left has been beaten down almost to death (and thanks, Mr. Obama, for finishing the job!). In desperation, affluent leftists hope that buying a light bulb or going to the farmer’s market is saving the earth. Modern marketing channels our desire for change into, what else, more consumption.

    I don’t know the answer to this.

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