Good advice from Wonkette:

According to Gawker’s John Cook, the New York Times “is preparing a story arguing that Obama no longer finds joy in the political back-and-forth, has seemed increasingly listless to associates, and is generally exhibiting the litany of signs that late-night cable commercials will tell you add up to depression.”

Hmm, well maybe he just doesn’t understand “political back-and-forth,” considering that he only moves back, against the wall, with his hands up, always.

Politicians thrive on positive attention. They don’t really care if it comes from lobbyists or peers or sociopathic self-interested voters or media jackals. So here is an easy way for Barack Obama to cure his depression:Start doing some stuff his supporters would like. You know, liberal stuff! Give it a try, anyway, for once! [Gawker]

In other words, Obama is upset that people aren’t actually accepting his policies as miracles cures — even though they’re obviously making things worse. No wonder he’s depressed!

5 thoughts on “Depressed

  1. Lincoln was depressed as hell. So was Churchill.

    I really don’t care about Obama’s mental state. His actions, on the other hand…

  2. I have moved from to primary President Obama to his not running for a second term. Coming up close: resignation.

  3. It’s time to face the truth: Obama doesn’t like politics and he’s no good at it. It’s a lot of work that has a steep learning curve. He’s not in a “flow state” like Bill Clinton. His mind is not engaged.
    Not really all his fault. He was ill advised to seek the presidency before he knew what he was getting into. He wasn’t in the senate long enough to really engage in politics. But he reminds me if a lot of corporate CEOs whose primary job seems to be getting the next job up the ladder, always trying to impress the power makers to “like the cut of his jib”.
    If he needs antidepressants, I’d stay away from the SSRI only ones. They ruin your sex life and make you sleepy. Not good for a president who needs to be feeling his oats to be productive.
    I’d go with wellbutrin, continuous release.

  4. Herbert Hoover got depressed too, and was near to a total break down by the end of the election when he lost to FDR.

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